The ROOTS of skishoeing

are the ROOTS of skiing

(Images courtesy Nils Larson)

Skishoeing goes back at least 10,000 years.

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Skiers of the Altai Mountains

"The Altai Mountains are dead center in the Eurasian Continent. The earliest written records of skiing (in Chinese histories) refer to skiers hunting in the Altai. Skiing’s place of origin is still a mystery but the Altai/Lake Baikal region is considered one of the likely places where skis were first used. To this day many of the indigenous population still use skis for transport, hunting, and fun. These skiers are the inspiration for Altai Skis"

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"Skishoeing – combining skis with a permanent skin for uninterrupted travel through a snowy landscape goes back at least 10,000 years, and in it’s traditional form continues in remote pockets to this day. Skishoes are a utilitarian concept of skis, something used for access, travel, and subsistence in the winter world."

"Local skiers in the Altai approached skiing much differently then we did. Turns were for avoidance of obstacles, tours were just that – up and down, through thick forests, across frozen lakes. We often climbed steeper then I had ever climbed, and regularly descended through thick conifer forests with no obvious openings or what we might call a “ski run”. These guys were traveling to hunt, trap, find lost domestic animals, or just to get around. They loved to ski and had lots of fun with it, but their skiing was not for the faint of heart."

The history of skishoeing in the Altai Mountains is well documented by the creator and owner of Altai Skis, Nils Larson. You can read the full story of skishoeing at and