[ Pronounced: Skuued ]

This is the sport of skishoeing, a cross between skiing and snowshoeing.
The Altai Hoks are the skis to slide.

Ready for a new kind of winter fun?

Altai Hoks (hawks) are short, wide ‘skishoes’ that can climb uphill and slide downhill. Hoks give a whole new experience to playing outdoors on the rolling hills surrounding Georgian Bay! The integrated climbing skin gives you the ability to climb like a snowshoe but is able to slide downhill which makes exploring the forests alot more fun. They are a no fuss ski that you can use your existing winter boots with.

For more advanced skiers I also sell the Altai Kōms which are a dedicated backcountry ski with a fishscale base. They are a unique ski that might be the perfect touring ski for varied terrain.

Traditionally the Hoks are used with a single pole or ‘tiak’.  The tiak provides great support and balance going downhill as it spreads out your weight, like a tripod.  The tiak also acts like a rudder to help in steering - and a brake if you need it.  It‘s great fun!


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(Unavailable until further notice) 145cm HOKs with Universal Bindings
(Bindings not shown in pic)

From altaiskis.com: The 145 has a little more “ski” DNA in it and works better for those looking to use the Hoks in a more downhill ski fashion. The 145 length has a bit more glide as well, but is less maneuverable in tight trees. The 145 has a bit more floatation for deep snow and bigger skiers. If you're looking for more ski then snowshoe, the 145 is the Hok for you!

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(Unavailable until further notice) 125cm HOKs with Universal Bindings

From altaiskis.com: The 125 is better as a snowshoe substitute, more maneuverable, better in thick woods and brush, lighter, and a little better grip. The 125 is also easier to control and use for those unfamiliar with skis. The length affects the boot/binding you use as well, with the 125 being easier to ski with a light boot or the universal binding.

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Altai Kōms - 150cm, 162cm, 174cm
(Unavailable until further notice)

From altaiskis.com: The Kōm is a dedicated backcountry ski without many of the usual compromises. The Kōm can be skied with a downhill focus and it rises to lighter XCD touring use with a fun, stable feel. Read More about the Kōms.

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Skishoeing is easy to learn!

You can start out on flat terrain to get used to the slide and then move on to some slope. If you are comfortable on skis already - then point and go! You can use winter boots or solid hiking boots with the universal bindings on the Hoks. For downhill type skiing however, a stiffer boot with more support is needed - like the Alpina Alaska 3 pin (75mm) Boots.

You will want to use ski poles at first to get the feeling of sliding on the Hoks. Like xc skiing the heel lifts as you slide forward. I recommend trying the 'tiak' single pole once comfortable and ready to move on to slopes. It increases stability and aids in steering as well.

NOTE: Hok Demos are on hold during the COVID pandemic but look forward on doing some outdoor touring this winter. Any questions about Altai skis please contact me.

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Some skishoeing fun in the hills surrounding Georgian Bay.

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